Our Services


This process will allow your company to quickly and easily deploy apps and services without the need of using your own servers. Having everything in the cloud means having enhanced security features and automatic security updates. Cloud migration has plenty of benefits, including less infrastructure complexity, built-in status monitoring, automatic backup and logging of key metrics, plus workload deployment, monitoring and mobility all in one place. And least but not last, by using the cloud you can greatly reduce costs.

We offer cloud migration services for:
- Lift and shift – which means that there will be no changes in the application’s architecture, data flow and authentication mechanisms
- Conversion to serverless apps
- Cloud experience with AWS or Azure
- Single sign-on authentication

Why you should choose Esphere:
- We have worked with large enterprises and can handle a wide variety of projects
- We have experience with hybrid cloud infrastructure. Hybrid cloud is a computing environment that connects a company’s on-premises private cloud services and third-party public cloud into a single, flexible infrastructure. This allows the organization to run its applications and workloads smoothly.


Whether you need an app for iOS, one for Android or a hybrid mobile app, we are here to help! We will begin with the API development process and then build the app and its design based on your needs and preferences.

Going hybrid is the best option these days, as it requires a single version of the app that works on all devices and platforms. Among the benefits of a hybrid mobile app we can find:

- Low cost and ease of development (you just spend money on one single app instead of multiple ones, while developers build and maintain a single app as well)
- A native experience with a simple backend – users will not feel the difference as they shift from one device or platform to another
- High speed and performance
- Attractive UI / UX designs
- Offline support
- Easy integration with other apps
- Multi-platform support
- High security (fingerprint or face ID scanning)
- Easy integration of the camera
- Easy integration of other mobile API-s

Our experienced team will make sure the app is running smoothly on all platforms and that it fulfills all the safety and operating requirements.


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and experience with HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript and CSS, we can create a high-quality, unique website for you from scratch. We will make sure that it meets the safety and speed standards of our days and that it is responsive on all types of devices.